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    Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change you want to see in the world. - Mahatma Gandhi You can Help

In our own small ways, we have formed initiatives that we believe can go a long way in helping others. We often visit orphanages and special schools for children and volunteer with assistance. We also participate and sometimes, jointly organize training programs for those who are interested in volunteering. This doesn't just create an awareness but also give the trainees an inside perspective to the different ways of making a difference in society. We believe in group effort & work in teams.

We try to locate places in our regions where we can potentially provide help in teaching and health-care. We then collect ourselves and delve on best possible ways to address the problems of these places. What follows subsequently is beginning of implementations without any further delay. We put special focus on orphanages and disabled's homes and slum children.

~Pankhudi Parivaar is targeting to address the prevailing issues of children in slums. At this moment, this is our main focus - lack of basic education and health of the children who live in slums. We are also working for visually-impaired children. One of our future aims is to work in the area of adoption promotion.

~Sanjeevani - Health campaigns for needy children

He, who has health, has hope. And he, who has hope, has everything. Only a healthy body can nurture healthy thoughts.Sanjeevani


On the direction of this belief, Pankhudi Foundation's team ~Sanjeevani (Panacea), has conducted health check up camps for the needy kids. Hyderabad, Pune and Delhi teams have conducted such health check up camps for the kids in the relatively unhygienic localities.

~Aanchal - Adoption Awareness

  Adoption is not about finding children for families, it's about finding families for children - Joyce Maguire PavaoAdoption Awareness


We strongly feel that the presence of a family in a child's life does not have any other replacement and that most basic behavioral and psychological growth of a child can take place only in a family setup.

Therefore, ~Pankhudi team ~Aanchal (Protective Shelter) to create awareness in the society over adoption of orphan/uncared-for children. We are in the process of finding out ways/procedures to do this. Currently we are making database of Orphanages/Children homes across India and getting their statistics.

~Sahayata - Disaster Relief

Sahayata Methodology

~Sahayata - Pankhudi Collection Drives

1. Leh Flood Collection Drive (28th Aug 2010 - 10th Sep 2010)

The cloudburst in Leh wreaked immense havoc on the people there. Hundreds of lives were lost, houses were destroyed and people lost everything they had. Families were wiped out completely, dead bodies were buried under layers of mud, and victims were left exposed and vulnerable to the harshness of the upcoming winter. Lack of homes and food would have made it difficult for many to survive temperatures that go down to -20 degrees celsius.

To offer whatever assistance we can in their time of need, ~Pankhudi Foundation had launched a Sahayata Campaign for the victims of the floods. The drive was a nationwide effort with collections undertaken in all Pankhudi Chapters (Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune). This was done in collaboration with Goonj, an NGO that works in disaster stricken areas to bring relief to victims.

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2. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra Flood Collection Drive (20th October 2009 - 30th October 2009)

A material collection drive for the relief of flood victims in states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra is being organized. Let us all come forward to help the fellow human beings who are in need of our supports
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Sahayata Pankhudi Collection Drives 3. Bihar Flood Collection Drive (27th Sept 2008 - 4th Oct 2008)

We all know the plights of the people at north Bihar which is hit by recent flood in Kosi river. It has wrecked havoc on them, leaving millions of people material-less and without food/cloths/shelters. The situation is grim and millions of people are badly affected. We, Pankhudians, have deep empathy towards the victims and we are going to help them in all possible ways. A nationwide collection drive ~Sahayata (Support) for the same has been initiated. Please read the detail about our flood collection drive.
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